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Special events


se6-690x516Events encompass all the extraordinary moments outside of everyday activities, such as national celebrations, birthdays, conferences for public awareness of the situation of disabled people in India or simply day trips for the students to enjoy some sight-seeing and interact with society.

Official celebrations and parties :  all these events are meant to strengthen the group's cohesion through fun and laughter and are always thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! They are also a way to gather with friends, neighbours, well-wishers and local personalities.

se7-690x518Everybody's birthday (staff, volunteers and students) is celebrated at Divya Jyoti, and important national celebrations are also moments of fun ; Independence Day on August 15th, and Holi in spring, the festival of colours, probably the most fun celebration when neighbours and friends participate in an amusing battle involving throwing colour powder at each other!

Day trips :  when the financial situation allows it, Divya Jyoti organises up to 4 day trips a year, such as outings to tourist sites, a boat trip on the Ganges, a picnic in a park... Once a year, the parents are also invited and everybody goes off to visit waterfalls 60km away from Varanasi and shares a picnic.


Boat trip on the Ganges

World Disability Day :  December 3rd is the students' special day where they are the centre of everybody's attention. Divya Jyoti organises this event around dance, theatre and music shows performed by the students, and games, singing and a meal. It is a day where friends, neighbours, well-wishers, local personalities and also all the beneficiaries of Divya Joyti's outreach service are invited and it is meant to be an opportunity to bring public awareness about the situation of physically and mentally disabled people in India.



Theatre show

se8-690x518Mud-pot candle sale exhibition : Every year in September and October just before the Diwali celebration, the students, staff and volunteers produce mud-pot candles, fancy cards and jelly candles and organise sale exhibitions in various schools of Varanasi. This is a good way for students to meet other people and also a good financial support for the centre.


se1-690x516Conferences :

Divya Jyoti regularly organises conferences to increase public awareness about the situation of people with disabilities in India.