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Make a donation

There are different ways of supporting us financially:

- You can sponsor a student for a year

- You can contribute to the transportation budget (some students living far from the centre are not coming anymore as they can no longer afford the cost of transport)

- You can purchase handicraft and other products made by the students. This money serves to pay the students’ monthly allowance.

- You can finance a second-hand computer for the centre

- You can join as a temporary or permanent member of our society.

- You can refer Indian children or adults with physical or mental disabilities to us.

- You can make the donation you wish, simply to help Divya Jyoti continue its work!

All donations are exempted under section 80 (G) of the India Income Tax Act.

Please contact Divya Jyoti secretary

B1/128-15 B, Dumraon Bagh Colony

Assi, Varanasi – 221005 UP India

Phone: (00 991) 98 390 577 74 / 96 708 84 931

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